christina-girma-authorWelcome! My name is Christina Girma, and I’m from Canada. I would first like to thank you taking the time to visit this website. My hope is that the source of inspiration I draw from will touch your heart, and inspire you, as much as it has inspired me to write the words you read.

Inspired By Him was first founded in January 2014. The journey that I took to get to where I am today began five years ago while sitting in my room with a pen and a notebook. I struggled, I searched, I failed, and in the process of my journey of growth, writing became the outlet I used to pour my heart out. I used that pen and notebook to document every experience, lesson, challenge, growth, and influence that eventually made me into the woman you are reading about today.

Throughout the past few years I have become a believer that the best way we can encourage those around us to be the best they can be, is by reminding them what we ourselves have overcome and how we overcame it. At the start of this journey, I held on to the things I wrote due to fear. However, I slowly began to understand the power that words have to change people’s lives. I began to realize that something happens when you start spreading hope, truth, and love that you have experienced in your life. In the same manner that negativity has the power to bring us down, positivity has the power to lift us up. Everything we say, and everything we do is a seed we are planting in people’s lives- and eventually, that seed will bear fruit.  

With that being said, nothing that you read on this website is of my “own wisdom”, or “my own knowledge”. There is a great source of inspiration that has led me to write everything that you read; and all credit goes to Him. God has graciously given me this humbling opportunity to share what He has inspired me to write, with you. I would not be here, enjoying this passion if it wasn’t for His great faithfulness and love.

As you proceed to read the blogs, and explore through the different resources provided I hope that you continue to be encouraged, uplifted, and inspired to be the best you can be. But above all else, I pray that the love, hope, and peace found in God will reach down into the depths of your hearts and allow you to see what a life Inspired by Him looks like.Thank you for your continued support.

God bless!

Ministry Journey Map:

Below are the various places I have traveled for the purpose of ministry this year.

Ministry Journey Map

Ministry Map Canada:

My Ministry Journey Canada