The dictionary defines sight as “the power or faculty of seeing”, and in the book of Proverbs 3:21 it says “My child, don’t lose sight […]”.  Sight is perhaps the greatest gift God could give when He created man.  Eyes mean nothing if they don’t have the sight to see what they were created to see.  What is even more fascinating is that the sight of our eyes were specifically designed to capture the visible proof, of an invisible God.  Think about this, your creator desires to be seen by you so much, that He decided to give you the sight you needed to see Him in all things, and through all things.  In other words, even when you don’t see His face directly, He’s given you the privilege of having His sight to see Him through all else He has done around you. Through creation, through your own life, through the life of others – the evidence of God’s presence is always present for as long as we have eyes with sight.  


There was one man who understood that.  Moses realized that there was nothing else worth seeing.  He understood that the sight given to him was to ultimately see nothing else but the glory of God.  We see that by the request he makes in Exodus 33:18 saying “now show me your glory”.   Let’s pause here for a moment – if you don’t realize the function of what’s been given to you, you will never maximize the use of that function.  Do you understand that?  In other words, everything that God has given you – your ability to hear, your ability to see, your ability to feel and speak- if it’s not used for the very purpose it has been created for, then you will never reap the full benefits. This means, that no matter how much glory, beauty, proof is around you, your lack of sight will prevent you from seeing what your eyes were created to see.  David says it beautifully in Psalms 63:2 when he says, “So I have looked for You in the sanctuary, to see Your power and glory.”


So, how is this sight gained?  In Psalms 119:18 it saysopen my eyes that I may see [..]”.  There is a request being made to activate sight that goes beyond just the things we see around us.  The Psalmist fully understood that without God’s enlightenment  he could not see what he was meant to see from God – although eyes are there and available, sight from God is needed so that all that’s of Him can be seen clearly. Whether it be matters over your own life, choices you have to make, directions you are trying to choose … sight from God is necessary in order to see the direction of God and presence of God in all areas of life.



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Written by Christina Girma

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