Dear Readers,


This week, I wanted to share something very short and encouraging with you.  This is something that touched me, and challenged me in many ways.


Have you ever had a situation in which you planned for something to happen and somehow after planning for it for so long it seemed as though it wouldn’t happen after all? BUT THEN miraculously it all turns around and it actually happens? I’ve been in those situations quite a few times, and the responses I get from those around me who have witnessed it all happen is, “man there’s a definitely a greater reason as to why this has happened”.  Without a doubt, I agree – you can’t help but think that there is a greater reason involved when something  you started losing out hope on suddenly begins to come back together again.


It’s interesting that when things which were falling apart, suddenly come together we can easily shout,  give credit to God, and say “man there must be a greater reason as to why this is working out”.  But here is where I want to challenge you – imagine if we had that attitude for EVERYTHING that happened in our lives, not just for the situations in which we lost hope in.  Imagine if we strongly believed that every single thing we say, do, accomplish, experience, face, etc. was all for a greater reason? Oh how different life would be.


It’s not just the situations that God turns around for you that have a greater reason.  When God fulfills your greatest dreams, or restores your hope by doing something you could not do on your own, it should serve you as a reminder that you yourself are part of a greater reason, let alone the things He works out for you in your favor.  In other words, God doesn’t just step in and orchestrate only certain things in our lives  – He is constantly working out the fine details – even the details that we can’t be bothered with – for a much greater plan that you many not yet see.


So as you carry on this week, I want to challenge you to change your attitude.  Dare to believe that every step you take, every situation you face, every obstacle you overcome, every encounter you have, everything that is happening and yet to happen (including your very existence) is ALL for a greater purpose.  You are part of a great plan!


See you next Monday!

Written by Christina Girma

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